Have you been led to believe that menstrual pain is normal? It is common, many women suffer with cramps but it’s not normal. Shocking information here – menstruation should not hurt.

When the your uterus has fallen out of alignment, a whole catalogue of complaints can ensue. You’ll know that menstrual problems generally get worse and if you ignore those first warning signs of menstrual pain it can quickly escalate to far more serious – and more painful – symptoms.

A tilted womb can lead to congestion of the arterial and venous blood circulation, the lymphatic system, the nervous system and our qi, or energy. This congestion can play havoc to our physical well-being as well as our emotional well-being.

Depending on which system is being impacted – and it is often more than one – you may have disruption of the hormonal system leading to irregular periods, fertility issues, sickness and headaches around menses, menopausal symptoms; you may have PCOS, endometriosis; digestive upsets; low back ache – all of these can be signs of a tilted uterus.

Mizan Therapy is a deep yet gentle non-invasive treatment that helps the organs of the pelvis back into alignment. Pressure is released and the surrounding fascia, supporting muscles and ligaments are strengthened. When the womb is nice aligned in the centre of the pelvis, blood, lymph, nerves and qi flow unrestricted, toxins are flushed from the system, hormones are balanced and health and well-being return.